Declaration of the Union Rights' Defence Centre

cliffordharper-03.jpgAnd yet we still hear news around the world about the harassment of workers, attacks on trade union activists, arrests, new legal limits on union rights or strikes, lock-outs and dismissals. Greece and Bahrain, Iran and Egypt, Columbia, Peru, Canada, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Korea, Indonesia and Pakistan are on the map of trade unions and workers activists' battles with persecution. It is sad to admit, but most of the countries of our region, the former Soviet Union countries, are also in this list.

Failure to provide trade union rights is the source of growing inequality, poverty, food and environmental problems. Attacks on labour and trade union rights today are at the end of the day, attacks on our future. To protect it we have to have that unique instrument, the organization of employees, which we can set against the growing power of corporations and financial institutions, and neoliberal policies of governments.

Trade union rights are the key to this.

Full text of the Declaration
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